Terpenes = tasty

Come experience the
flavorfest at Terpfest NW


Terpenes are responsible for the flavor and aroma of everything we love. This festival is about bringing cannabis culture and beverages together through the use of terpenes,

Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants. Terpenes are what give each flower, herb and fruit its own unique scent and flavor.  Every day, everywhere you go, you encounter terpenes. When you zest a lemon, you smell terpenes. Open a jar full of herbs, what you are smelling is the terpenes. Stop and smell the roses? More like stop and smell the terpenes.

Participating Breweries and CIderies

What Terps are being used?

Basecamp Brewing – Tangie
Cider Riot – Cherry Pie
Coalition Brewing – Golden Pineapple
Grixsen – Forbidden Fruit
Reverend Nat’s – Grapefruit Romulan
Swift Cider – Pie Hoe
West Coast Grocery – Black Lime
Xylem Cider – Jack Herer

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Thank you to The Caputo group for their partnership in making the first ever Terpfest NW a reality.

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